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AndChat (Free)

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AndChat (Free)

Postby BODY » Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:24 am

AndChat (Free)

AndChat es un Relay Chat (IRC) app internet multi-servidor para Android, diseñado para trabajar en ambos teléfonos y tabletas, e incluye un diseño optimizado tablet.
Uno de los mejores programas para poder compartir con tus amigos en la mayorías de las salas de Chat de IRC.
Además trae las ventajas de poder Administrar o Moderar tus salas de Chat desde cualquier móvil o tableta Android.

Official irc channel: irc.ext3.net, #andchat

Consíguelo en Google Play: AndChat (FREE)

Quick channel switcher (Android 3.0+)
Ignore list
Multi-Server support
Multi-Charset support
SASL Support
UTF-8 Detection
Chat Logs
Typing history (DPAD up/down)
Nick highlight support for multiple nicknames
SSL Support
User list
Encryption to protect access to password protected servers

Mejoras del programa:
* = Bug Fix
+ = Added new
! = Changed
# = Improvement

Version (08/04/2013):
* Avoid crashing the entire app when message parsing fails
* Avoid using UI thread for network operations
* Fix notification light not being activated
* Fix messages not updating after turning screen on
* Fix for crash when using /mode on a channel not joined to

Version (19/03/2013)
* Fixed invisible nicks
* Fixed crash after opening post-update
* Fixed scrolling issue

Version 1.4.3 (13/03/2013):
---- Dropped support for Android 1.6 - 2.0 ----
* Fixed bug with slash commands
* Fixed bug after importing backed up data
* Fixed bug with messages scrolling to the top
* Fixed issue with userlist on Android 3.0+
! Re-organised server details screen
+ Added Samsung multi-screen support
+ Added changing font size of channel switcher
+ Added support for Carbon Backup tool
+ Added font options (Settings->Interface)
+ Added nick colours
+ Added support for choosing server authentication method
+ Added option to show/hide 'Send' button
+ Added option to always keep screen on
+ Added indicator to show current channel on sidebar
+ Added long press menu to channel list sidebar
+ Added some debugging options to assist in finding problems
# White icon used on Android v11+ as recommended by guidelines
# 'Extra highlights' option now takes ',' as separator rather than spaces
# Show disconnect confirmation on Android 3.0+
# /j now works with or without # prefix on channel name
# UI tweaks for larger devices

Fotos AndChat

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